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Masters Gown
Price: $47.00
Availability: Custom Made Item
Elegant Graduation Products

    This High Quality gown is perfect for secondary school faculty. It has three velvet stripes sewn into each sleeve.

    Doctoral Gown
    Price: $74.00
    Availability: Custom Made Item

      This beautiful gown have three velvet stripes sewn into each sleeve and two down the front. Perfect for High school and college PHD's.

      Presidents Gown Presidents Gown, president, dean, 4 velvet chevrons, faculty, university, college, pleated
      Price: $179.00
      Availability: In Stock

        This beautiful President's Gown features 4 velvet strips on both sleeves. This gown also has velvet going down the center and up around the yoke. It features lined open bell sleeves, and pleated shoulders and yoke.

        Price: $39.00
        Availability: In Stock

          These Velvet Tams are 6-sided and include a metallic gold tassel. They are available in S/M, M/L, and L/XL. Limited stock on Red - please call to order!

          Price: $59.00
          Availability: Custom Made Item

            Our brilliant graduation Hoods are a distinguishing feature to add to any cap and gown set. They are custom made to your specifications. Available in 3 sizes. Bachelor Hood has a 2" velvet, Masters 3" velvet, and Doctoral 5" Velvet. Please allow 3 to 4 weeks for delivery.

            Stock Hoods hood, stock hood, velvet, bachelor hood, master hood, doctoral hood
            Price: $59.00
            Availability: In Stock

              Choose from a selection of velvet colors we stock. Since these hoods are in stock already, they will be able to ship very quickly.